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Dragatsi & Co. starts with the premise that health safety and quality are doomed to fail, unless the patient is actively engaged in the decision making about their own health. We do not believe that a generic professional "consumer representative" is adequate participation of consumers in healthcare decision making. We maintain that true advocacy for patients starts with preparing a patient to advocate for themselves at every point of contact with the healthcare system.

All the services we provide are focused on the goal of patient engagement healthcare error prevention and cost reduction. Our primary focus at this time is in the area of pharmacy/pharmacotherapy and healthcare error prevention. However as demand for services grow so will our offerings.

Knowledge, Transparency, Professionalism, Patient Engagement, Accountability and Flexibility: these are our values and this is what we trust you will see in our work.

Chronic Disease Management

The purpose of this service is to work with a provider to optimize therapy, taking into consideration patient priorities. This is a referral service to a board-certified pharmacotherapist for difficult, resource-consuming cases in all chronic disease categories, including obesity, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, psychiatric diseases, chronic pain diseases and pain management.

Dragatsi & Co. services both quick enquiries and more complex issues that may be medication or cost related. We also provide services along more traditional lines of medication therapy monitoring. We specialize in pharmacotherapy that reduces cardiovascular risk factors, pain management and managing metabolic syndrome.

Poly-Pharmacy Reduction

Americans consume the most prescription drugs per capita in the world, and we often hurt ourselves doing so!  Medication mismanagement in the ambulatory care setting is in the order of $300 billion annually, two-thirds of which is accounted for by non-adherence.  We can work with you to explore reimbursement models to address reducing poly-pharmacy in your complex patients. if you wish to have a consult apart from the reimbursement model, we can discuss an affordable way for us to respond to de-identified patient cases and/or participation in rounds to achieve the same goal.

Group Teaching

If you need an inspiring presentation addressing medication management or safety, or a drug/disease topic of your choice, feel free inquire about some of our presentations—for patients, or for general interest.  We can also explore with you reimbursed models of presentation to your patients (usually 4 or more is practical).  Reimbursed group teaching in Maine is limited to topics in Cardiology, Chronic Pain, and Metabolic Syndrome (any of its sub-DRGs apply, e.g. obesity).

Improving Healthcare-Consumer Experience

Many people think that having a token patient representative on a committee, and being pleasant at patient reception is all it takes. But like all service industries, patient engagement starts with anticipating needs, better scheduling, short wait-lines, less barriers to access and a generally empathetic attitude. To achieve this, systemic reviews are needed periodically to identify gaps and improve service. Ask us how we could help!

Project Management and Analytics

Do you have a project that you need to start working on right away, but do not have the time or the resources to hire a project manager? Dragatsi & Co. will manage that project on your behalf and where necessary will assign a full-time project manager to work at you facility. We will handle all the worries of HR, payroll and will even provide the office space if need be. With a combined total of almost half a century healthcare and public health experience, we will make sure your expectations are our priority.